CONCERT & CONFINEMENT with 2020 Showcase artist Erol Josue on Nov 2nd @12pm

CONCERT & CONFINEMENT with 2020 Showcase artist Erol Josue on Nov 2nd @12pm

Hope all is well and that this email event invitation finds you well and in wonderful spirits. During this unfortunate time of being quarantined and social distancing and limited access to music performance, we would like to invite you to Showcase 2020, Haitian Vodou Artist, Erol Josue's Quarantine At Home, concert performance.
Erol Josue's Full Length Concert Performance, is set for this coming Monday, November 2nd, @ 12 PM EDT which happens to be (FET GEDE)


FET GEDE, also known as the 'Festival of the Dead', is a key celebration in Haitian culture; One of the most important celebrations in the Vodou religious calendar. It’s a national holiday centered around Vodou culture. Haitians across the country join each other in song and dance to celebrate Lwa or Vodou Spirits.
More than just a celebration of spirits; it’s also an ode to Haiti’s endurance.
Therefore, it is only fitting that this Amazing Haitian Vodou Quarantine performance, be released on such a holiday

It is a message to say that despite the difficulties that can prevent people from dreaming and creating, we must always look for a way to stay alive through what is important for our journey as human beings. The PILGRIMAGE does not stop. We are moving forward despite high winds.

Booking: 2021/2022 & 2023
Online Live /Commission Work also available.

article posted by:Chriss Rimpel, RAD Muzik NOW