Cuban A Cappella World Music
Vocal Sampling
Vcal Sampling


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  • country:Cuba
  • region:Caribbean
  • style(s):A Cappella, World
  • label:Zig Zag World
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:a cappella
  • artist posted by:RAD Muzik NOW

Line up

  • Hector Crespo (Lead & Backing Voices)
  • Luis Alberto (Lead & Backing Voice)
  • Oscar Porro (Bass Voice)
  • Pedro (Percussion Voice)
  • Reinaldo Sanler (Lead & Backing Voice)
  • Rene Banos (Lead/Backing Voices/Director/Composer/Arrangements)


The musical kingdom's illusionists ! Close your eyes and listen !

Fresh and seductive as the waters of Cuba´s beaches, melodic and rhythmic as the wind which moves its palms and people, this is:
Vocal Sampling !

The Cuban group that made musical instruments from their voices, becoming the illusionists of the musical Kingdom. Concert of Vocal Sampling is to participate in a magic show.

The unbelievers look for the trap. They do not want to believe that the group of sounds and the excellent melody they listen, come from the musicians' voices.
Meanwhile the experts applaud, because they know there are not deceits or tricks, but brilliance and harmony !
Aware of their cultural roots, with an unquestionable and undeniable stamp that characterizes Cubans, these six men, with nothing else but their voices, move very comfortable among the most dissimilar rhythms, from the so-called art music to the popular one.

They are six wizards who have been leaving us mouth opened up on each concert, with strokes of originality and talent.

Everything you love about Cuban music + the fireworks of good A Capella'

Often referred to as “vocal instrumentalists,” a set with Vocal Sampling feels like a tour of Havana’s musical hubs and hearts, its clubs, beaches, and street corners.

Tight harmonically but wonderfully loose and swinging rhythmically, the group’s ingenious arrangements are “the real deal,” according to Quincy Jones.
It might be a steamy salsa party anthem, a spirited rumba, or an unexpected cover with real Cuban flair (“Hotel California” or “Every Breath You Take”). Whatever the repertoire, the group savors it with the same focused artistry and welcoming warmth. As Jon Pareles of The New York Times put it, “The real message is in the play of voices, analyzing and
regenerating the complexities salsa fans take for granted.”