PUA BELEMPAI by Andy Phe Photography


Nading Rhapsody performed live on 2nd Day of RWMF 2014 stage
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  • country:Malaysia
  • region:South East Asia
  • style(s):Ethnic, World
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Small Ensemble, Music Theatre Production
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, lute, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Rainforest World Music Festival, Sarawak

Line up

  • Adrian Lasam (Percussion)
  • Christ Sheldon (Vocal / Dance)
  • Keevin Hansi (Bass Guitar)
  • Opah (Vocal / Chants)
  • Petyson Pateh (Percussion)
  • Randy Walter (Sape')
  • Royston Kulleh (Poems / Lyrics / Vocal / Dance)


Awarded as the recipient of The Royal Arts Gala Fund in 2016 by My Performing Arts Agency (MYPAA) in collaboration with National Department for Culture and Arts Malaysia.

Nading Rhapsody billed as an Avant-Garde Borneo Ethnic – World Music ensemble, has represented Malaysia at various international arts involvements since 2012.

Hitting twice at the renowned Rainforest World Music Festival in 2012 and 2014, making their way to international festival grounds throughout Malaysia; marking their Europe debut in 2016 for Tong Tong Fair in Netherlands; ASEAN Music Festival 2017 in Manila, Philippines; and most recently OzAsia Festival 2018 in Adelaide, Australia.

They are the finalist representing Malaysia at the Pitchpad ASEAN 2016; speaker at TEDx Sungai Segget 2016 ( Art as our roots | Nading Rhapsody | TEDxSungaiSegget ), a Johor Bahru installation of one of the biggest global community, TED; and delegates for WOMEX 2018 edition in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, SPAIN.

Throughout Nading Rhapsody’s involvement in World Music, they have been recognized by foreign medias – BBC UK, Al Jazeera, Mediacorp, CNN Philippines, Rappler Entertainment Philippines and Bangkok Post; are among those that has aired their journey internationally and pathed the way for Nading Rhapsody to carve their name globally, where it has aspired and inspired Nading Rhapsody to keep adding to their milestone.

“Singkang NR”
Since 2012, their expressive approach resembles the indigenous origins and cultural roots of each member in Nading Rhapsody. The Sea Dayak (Iban), Land Dayak (Bidayuh), Highlanders (Orang Ulu), and Coastal People (Melanau) are among the indigenous people of Sarawak in Borneo Island. Their folk songs, ritual chantings, lullabies, myths, stories and voices are portrayed in this unique cross-cultural repertoire. Singkang NR featured mystical and spiritual notations that are hauntingly beautiful with indigenously paradoxical, radical, provocative and rebellious elements.

“Libretto of Ensera : Sendi”
Their latest offering, opulently titled “Libretto of Ensera : Sendi” is arguably their most personal to date and has made its debut in 2017.
‘Pua Kumbu’ is considered being a sacred object. It is used in numerous uses and great significance in the traditional life of the Iban community.
The “Libretto of Ensera : Sendi” collects some of the tradition practices into one piece performance by introducing the magnificence of ‘Pua Kumbu’ and the emerging of ‘Sendi’, the enigma from the ornaments on the ‘Pua Kumbu’.