Real World signs Hannah Peel and Paraorchestra

Hannah Peel and Paraorchestra

We are delighted to announce that the new album by Hannah Peel and Paraorchestra, entitled The Unfolding, will be released on Real World Records in spring 2022.

As a label, studio and festival group Real World’s association with Hannah goes back to 2015, so to work together on The Unfolding feels like a natural progression in our working relationship and a collaboration we’re all hugely excited about.

The Unfolding is a major new work by Hannah Peel, commissioned by and performed with Paraorchestra (conducted by Charles Hazlewood) and takes a cyclical journey from the very atoms of human existence and the awakening of life, through to our eventual re-folding back into the elements.

More details on the release to follow soon.

article posted by:Amanda Jones, Real World Records / WOMAD