Rebel Up!

Rebel Up! is a DJ/VJ collective that plays ethnic dance music from the global underground for colourful crowds worldwide.

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Rebel Up! started early 2007 in Amsterdam, Netherlands to become a world music DJ & VJ collective with members from Belgium, Holland and France. The crew now consists of DJ's SebCat, LeBlanc and Duckfood, visual artist VJ M and several graphic designers

In our dj sets, we promote different local music styles from all around the world, whether it be traditional or urban music; grassroots folk, street level pop or electronic dance music.

Depending on the context of performance, the dj-set can come with interactive visuals by VJ M, for a total immersive experience of sounds and images from 'elsewhere'.

We organise global concert & dance nights in Amsterdam and Brussels in various venues with international artists, bands and dj's. In Amsterdam, our parties used to be fundraisers for small NGO's.

So far, Rebel Up! has performed on party nights and festivals in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and Peru. Most notable festivals that Rebel Up! has performed at so far: Sfinks mixed (BE), Esperanzah (BE), Amsterdam Roots (NL), Mundial (NL), Recyclart Holidays (BE), Zomerparkfeest (NL), Pole Pole Beach (BE), Boom festival,(PT) Le Guess Who (NL), International Film Festival Rotterdam, Piec Smakov (PL), Zenith Fusion (BG), Goulash Disko (CR)... and soon yours?

Last year at WOMEX 14, Rebel Up! Soundclash played an official DJ showcase in Santiago, which turned into a real party!

Rebel Up! is also on the airwaves, with their monthly radio show Rebel Up! Nightshop, broadcasted on Radio Campus Bruxelles and streamed/archived on the international webradio Groovalizacion Radio.

In 2016, the people behind Rebel Up! will also start a new music label, releasing unheard global ethnic, pop and dance artists from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Middle East.

Since 2013, Rebel Up! is part of the Global Club Music Network, an international network of dj's and electronic world artists who promote world music styles for the dancefloor, who are always present at Wonex with a stand.

Rebel Up! made official remixes for Chouk Bwa Libètè (Womex 15), released via Womex and for Throes & The Shine (Womex 16)

Come find us at stand 185 at the Global Club Music Network stand.

At Womex 17, Rebel Up! will be part of the 5th GCMN Network Session, to be held on Friday 27 oct, from 12.45-13.30, Network Room 2

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stand number WOMEX 18: B86


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