Retimbrar by João Pádua #1
Retimbrar by João Pádua #2
Retimbrar by João Pádua #3


An uplifting and cathartic song, with a distinct world music trance vibe.
  • 1 Vai Não Vai
  • 2 Maneio
  • 3 Maçãzinha
  • 4 Coisas da Minha Terra
  • 5 Rosa Tirana
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Music video for the song "Coisas da Minha Terra", from Retimbrar's new album "Levantar do Chão".
  • Coisas da Minha Terra
  • Maçãzinha (feat. Uxía)
  • Viva
  • Vai de Centro ao Centro
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  • country:Portugal
  • region:Porto
  • style(s):Folk, Percussion
  • label:Revolução d' Alegria
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, woodwind, unplugged, guitar
  • artist posted by:Revolução d'Alegria

Line up

  • Afonso Passos  (percussion)
  • André Nunes  (percussion)
  • Andres Pancho Tarabia  (percussion)
  • António Serginho  (percussion, keyboard, cavaquinho)
  • Daniela Leite Castro (vocals, flute, violin)
  • Jorge Loura  (guitar, vocals, percussion)
  • Miguel Ramos  (bass, vocals, percussion)
  • Sara Yasmine  (vocals, percussion, cavaquinho)


Retimbrar, "one of the most exciting live groups in Portuguese music" (in Blitz), is a collective of musicians from Porto, founded in 2008. Inspired by traditional portuguese rhythms, songs and percussion instruments, they have developed original music with the aim of creating bridges between the past and the future. They started a partnership with Casa da Música in 2010 which, in 2016, culminated in the edition of their debut album, "Voa Pé". They toured the country, between festivals and concert halls, collaborated with renowned artists and groups linked to folklore and popular music, to whom they owe a good part of their labour. These collaborations are the basis of their new album, "Levantar do Chão", out in 2022. In Sérgio Godinho's words, Retimbrar is “an ambitious and effective project, terribly effective, (…) which points us into the center of our land and the width of the world.” Retimbrar was a Womex Opening Artist in Porto, 2021.


"Levantar do Chão" - Retimbrar

"Voa Pé" - Retimbrar


Retimbrar feat. Uxía