Sergio Loroza

Sergio Loroza
Sergio Loroza
Sergio Loroza
Sergio Loroza & Us Madureira
DVD Sergio Loroza & Us Madureira


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Line up

  • Anderson Pereira dos Santos (percussion)
  • Carlos Henrique da Cruz Santana (percussion)
  • Carlos Sant ´Ana Alves (Cavaco)
  • Edmon Sebastião Costa (Backing Vocal)
  • Fábio de Lélis Braga (percussion)
  • Felipe de Lelis Braga (percussion)
  • Fernando de Castro Chagas (percussion)
  • Gilson Nei da Silva (Backing Vocal)
  • Joelson Ferreira de Lima (Bass)
  • Pedro Paulo Ferreira (percussion)
  • Sergio Velasco (Eletric Guitar)
  • Vitor Martins Botelho (percussion)
  • Wagner Pereira da Silva (percussion)
  • Washignton Paz Marciano (percussion)



Black Brazilian from Madureira, heart of samba, musician of the streets, player and singer, comedian and actor who says it all and dances too, on stage, on screens, both great and small, the standard fat man of the ads, acclaimed from one city to the next, everybody's friend.

Father, brother, author of his own monologue, never thought of being a biologist, he launched his first, his second CD and live DVD, never stops producing, nor forgets the world around him, his roots, his friends and especially, at a steakhouse, is a menace.


Loroza is the star of various publicity campaigns aimed at mass consumption and his image is thus associated with the principal Brazilian and multinational brands. Loroza has taken part in various commercials of the Antarctica beer, a product of the AB Inbev group, the fifth biggest beer manufacturer in the world.

He also led the advertising campaign of Casas Bahia, the largest department store chain in Brazil, in a campaign which resulted in the greatest number of appearances of a single artiste in the commercial breaks of Brazilian television, during the months in which the ad was transmitted.


Loroza has taken part in various Brazilian features. Among others, he acted in the film Bossa Nova, directed by the well-known director Bruno Barreto, in which he joined a cast including Hollywood actors Amy Irving Erving and Stephen Tobolowsky.

In Carandiru, the prize-winning film of director Hector Babenco, he interpreted the character "Gordo", (Fatty) the drug-dealer in a story which resulted in a Brazilian box-office return of almost 5 millions.

Another notable role was the character "Coice", a policeman in the film Orfeu, by CACA DIEGUES.

Loroza also gave his voice to the giant hippopotamus "Moto-Moto", in the Brazilian version of Madagascar 2. Well, we are left to wonder why they should pick on him for this character Who knows???


Before theatre, television and cinema, there was music. Loroza began singing in the church choir as a young boy and never looked back. The first notes of his guitar heard on the street corners of Madureira were reflected much later in 2007, in the launching of his first CD:MBP Musica Brasileira de Pista (BSM - Brazilian Street Music). It's all in the name. From thence, he set out on a countrywide tour playing dance music.

The launching of his second CD - Serjao Loroza & Us Madureira Live,
accompanied by his first DVD, with the same name, was inevitable. The whole thing is conceived, produced and directed by Loroza himself. Besides his own original compositions, this CD includes interpretations and new versions of some of the big names of Brazilian music like: Tim Maia, Lenine, Jorge Ben Jor and Gilberto Gil. It includes samba, soul, funk, reggae, pop: once again this is music for dancing.


Loroza is a consecrated actor with the Globo Television network, the fourth biggest commercial broadcast network in the world, with a daily audience of more than 120 millions people. In 1998, he landed his first big role with the channel, using his big voice for the role of "Emece", a seductive radio host in the mini-series Hilda Furacao.

From then on, thanks to great public acclaim, Loroza has been part of the cast of the network's big productions, year in year out. He has taken part in soaps, series and other programmes, including, Andando nas Nuvens, Chiquinha Gonzaga, Esplendor, Uga Uga, Um Anjo Caiu do Ceu, Kubanacan, Da Cor do Pecado, Senhora do Destino, Zorra Total, Negocio da China and Malhacao.

However it was the role of "Figueirinha", in the series "A Diarista", which conferred him the status of national idol. To the extent that in 2007, he took part in the 4th edition of the programme Danca dos Famosos, Brazilian version of Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars, and continued as far as the semifinals.

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