"Bom of Love - Musica Safada para Corações Românticos" - Silvia Machete

"Bomb of Love" is Silvia Machete´s highly acclaimed debut album from 2007. "Free, soft and loose". The old frenetic song (from the group The Frenetic, a Brazilian band formed by women from the 70's) fits perfectly to Silvia Machete. Those who have heard her first CD already know that. Those who have watched her show were astonished. Now it's time for more people to join the group and enjoy the spectacle that goes well beyond the album or a show. It's a unique artistic experience that combines music, circus and theater. An amusing cabaret, led by Silvia Machete. Singer-enterteiner-acrobat-pinup, Silvia has an incredible ability, fine voice and some tricks along the way. The album and the show contains explicit good humor scenes and it goes far beyond that. She is full of grace and can be considered a post - tropicalist Carmem Miranda.
Silvia also composes. Trust me, it's love at first hearing! Hits like “Toda Bêbada Canta” (“Every drunk women sings”), “Eu só quero saber de você" (“I just wanna know about you”), "2 hot 2 to be romantic" and "Bomb of Love" are a great jorney through her world, a mix of new bossas , funny romance stories and pacifist messages.
The lady also comes up with delicious surprises from Roberto e Erasmo, two of the greatest singers in Brazil, and sings Guns'n'Roses in a "carioca" style . Nothing is impossible for her. She still tells in the rhythm of samba the story of a suicide cat. During the 8 years Silvia Machete lived in NYC, the paths of Central Park were many times her stage. Back into town again this summer, after a 3 year gap from performing in NYC, Silvia couldn't be happier. Her show now is going to be performed in great style at the SummerStage during the 7º Cine Fest Petrobras Brasil. Ladies and gentlemen, it's showtime, Silvia Ma-chet-e is in the park!

By Beto Feitosa