"Extravaganza" - Silvia Machete

Silvia Machete


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"Extravganza", Silvia Machete´s second studio album, is being heralded as one of the best new releases in the "new MPB" arena so far this year. Silvia once again shows incredible talent for songwriting, melding it perfectly with a repertoire that includes kingpins of tropicalia, such as Jorge Mautner ("Manjar de Reis"), as well as more obscure hidden gems, like her version for Itamar Assumpção´s "Noite Torta". The album comes after her outstanding debut with "Bomb of Love", when her live performance quickly caught the attention of many and was registered as a DVD called "Eu Não Sou Nenhuma Santa" (I Ain´t no Saint). All this has led to more 100 shows in Brazil as well as her firsts international tours, in Portugal and the US.