Ana Moura

Line up

  • Ana Moura (Vocals)
  • Angelo Freire (Portuguese Guitar)
  • Pedro Soares (Acoustic Guitar)
  • Yuri Daniel (Bass)
  • country:
  • region:
  • style(s):
    • Fado
  • label:
    World Village
  • gender:
  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:

Portuguese vocalist Ana Moura, whose soulful and riveting interpretation of her land's captivating fado style has made her a star in Europe, brings her gentle, persuasive magic to North American audiences. The 25-year old singer has become a leading exponent of this poetic, deeply expressive idiom which personifies the Portuguese psyche as it explores such universal themes as lost love, separation, and longing. As Ana explains, "It's very special because it's all about emotions and feelings. It needs no translation."

Ana has emerged as a leading voice of traditional fado just as the venerable idiom is enjoying a renaissance of popularity. As with jazz and country music in the U.S., tango in Argentina, samba in Brazil, fado sprang from the culture of working class people. And, as with the aforementioned examples, over the years the style evolved from humble origins to win broad appeal. Today, as Ana proudly proclaims, "In Portugal, fado is for everyone."


On Tour

Ana Moura


Credits: Paulo SegadaesCredits: Paulo SegadaesCredits: Paulo Segadaes


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Leve Me Aos Fado


Rumo ao Sul


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