Line up

  • Ana Bacalhau (Vocals)
  • Jose Pedro Leitao (Double bass)
  • Luis Jose Martins (Guitar)
  • Pedro da Silva Martins (Guitar)

"Her name is Deolinda and she is old enough to realize that life isn't as easy as it seems. Merrily unmarried, in love and out of love, .... She writes her own songs by peeking through the curtains of her window, drawing inspiration from the old gramophone records that once belonged to her grandmother and by the bizarre and strange life of her neighbors..."

Thus do we describe the central character in the project Deolinda, a Portuguese quartet of young musicians from diverse musical backgrounds who draw on the roots of Portuguese traditional and popular music in creating their original songs. Audiences from 30-somethings to grandparents and small children are drawn to their wildly flamboyant, sometimes comic performances, the sweet and catchy or softly melancholic guitar melodies, and music littered with emotive references to Portuguese traditions.

Deolinda's album "Cancao ao Lado" was nominated for a 2010 award in the category Best Newcomer with the prestigious music magazine Songlines.


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Um Contra o Outro


Uma Ilha


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