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Rising Nomad are launching a new world music venue on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand and promoting the music of gypsy punk band Worldly Savages.

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Rising Nomad is the music branch of Support Adventure, a remote IT staffing company founded by Canadian singer-songwriter and entrepreneur Erik Mut.

Rising Nomad are based on the tropical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, where they are promoting world music and culture on the island by launching a new world music venue, Eclectic, in the heart of the bustling tourist hotspot of Thong Sala. Concurrently, Rising Nomad promote the music Mut's DIY Gypsy Punk band Worldly Savages by booking tours globally.

As a pioneer in the digital nomad movement, Mut embarked on a journey of trans-cultural liberation in 2008, starting his band Worldly Savages in Toronto, Canada (with some of the musicians who eventually formed Lemon Bucket Orkestra). The band were inspired by the music of Gogol Bordello, Kultur Shock and folk music of Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Mut took the band on tour around Europe several times before moving to his beloved Serbia (via London) in 2012, where he launched his remote IT staffing company Support Adventure.

Taking the Balkan influence deep into his songwriting, with Belgrade as a base, Mut continued to tour Europe, and build his business. His dream was to launch the band full time using the business to finance it. As the world shifted towards remote working in 2020, Mut's business exploded and he was able to dream even bigger than he had originally imagined. After getting stranded on the remote Thai island of Koh Phangan in March 2020, he decided that this was the place to launch his dream.

In January 2023, he moved the musicians to Asia as full time musicians who not only play in his band, but work on the new world music venue, Eclectic. Koh Phangan is a great location for Eclectic, as it has a steady stream of tourists who are looking for a rich cultural experience, and is an island that is heavily underserved musically due to its remote location and transient population.

Since inception, Worldly Savages have played over 300 shows all around Europe, Canada and Asia. In 2023, they have performed 42 times, in including a 15 date tour of the Balkans and Germany with Seattle gypsy punk legends Kultur Shock. They are currently releasing a live album filmed after this tour at Studio 150 in Amsterdam.


Venue: We are building a new website and a set of socials.

Yoga & Digital Nomad Lifestyle Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@risingnomad

Stay in touch by booking a meeting with Rising Nomad's representative, Ursula Donnelly, at WOMEX: musicbookings@risingnomad.com

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