"CultureRize - Bamako All Stars" - AC BC Project

AC BC Project
New Album coming out soon
New Album coming out soon

This 12-Track Album "CultureRize - Bamako all Stars" by AC, BC Project/roadmusic prod. Is still unreleased. It reflects the actual vibe of African music styles such as Amapiano, Malian Afrobeat, and Modern Mandingue.

AC BC project is:
Charles Auguste Coulibaly: Composition, Arrangements, Keyboards, Beatplaying, Traditional Instruments - Midi
Marco Romano AKA MC Spacewalk: Composition, Arrangements, Guitars , Bass, Percussion
divers Singers from Mali, Tanzania

Road music prod. Is located on the continent and is engaged in composing, researching, and producing. We know what's on;
Roadmusic Productions endeavors to implement the concept of transculturation, in which sounds and ideas from various cultures influence the music. Transculturation is the musical representation of Roadmusic's exploration of anthropology!

Cet album de 12 titres "CultureRize - Bamako all Stars" par AC, BC Project/road music prod. Est encore inédit. Il reflète l’ambiance actuelle de la musique du continent africain: des stiles comme Amapiano, Afrobeat malien et Mandingue moderne.

Road music prod. vit, fait des recherches et produit sur le continent. Nous savons ce qui se passe;
Roadmusic Productions tente de mettre en œuvre le concept de transculturation, où les sons et les idées de différentes cultures influencent la musique. La transculturation est l’expression musicale de la recherche anthropologique de Roadmusic !