Lia Sophia
The singer Lia Sophia. Photographer: Reinaldo Silva Jr
Photographer: Tata Barreto
Lia Sophia on Itunes. Credits: facebook
Lia Sophia's show. Credits: facebook
Lia Sophia and Pinduca. Credits: facebook
  • country:Brazil
  • region:North Brazil
  • style(s):Brazilian
  • label:Rocinante
  • type:Band
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:percussion, salsa and latin band, guitar
  • artist posted by:Rocinante

Line up

  • Daniel Delatuche (Trumpet)
  • Davi Amorim (Electronic Guitar and Banjo)
  • Edvaldo Cavalcante (Drums)
  • Félix Robatto (Guitar, Electronic Guitar)
  • Harley Souza (Sax and flute)
  • Jó Ribeiro (Trombone)
  • Lia Sophia (Singer, Banjo )
  • Márcio Jardim (Percussion)


LIA SOPHIA was born in 1978 in French Guyana. When she was only two years old she came to Brazil. She was raised in Macapá (North of Brazil) and when she was six years old she started as a solo singer in a church. Her first chords on a guitar emerged at nine influenced by her mother, who in her youth, was a radio singer.

She has a strong musical vain and her variety of musical styles, from gospel to brega, from bolero to zouk and merengue, in addition to the strong influences of carimbó and marabaixo (regional music from the north of Brazil), the musical career of Lia Sophia wasn’t a foregone conclusion.

With her raucous and smooth voice, and her outstanding guitar playing, every performance was bigger than the last. The first invitations to open shows by big names in Brazilian music like Tunai, Vítor Ramil and Chico César arose.

Her songs talk with sensuality, lightness and joy about of topics of everyday, as the track that opens the CD “Promotion Love”, a prank on explosive dancing and casual loves. With electronic beats and rhythms of Amazon effervescence, the song has a special participation of Chimbinha (Calypso Band) on guitar. To listen and not get stopped. The disc also brings “Oh Girl”, the soundtrack of a Globo TV soap opera, first time released on CD, track that is already successful in the entire country.

LIA SOPHIS launched, in total,4 CDs and she is considered the new voice of Brazilian North Music, well known in all the country.