Orquestra Imperial

Orquestra Imperial
Orquestra Imperial
The Big Band Orquestra Imperial. Credits: Cristina Granato
The band!
  • country:Brazil
  • region:Rio de Janeiro
  • style(s):Brazilian, MPB
  • label:Rocinante
  • type:Big Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, pop group, dance orchestra
  • artist posted by:Rocinante

Line up

  • ALTAIR MARTINS (trumpet)
  • BARTOLO (eletric guitar)
  • BERNA CEPPAS  (keyboards and percussion)
  • BIDU CORDEIRO  (trombone)
  • CESAR BODÃO  (percussion)
  • DOMENICO (Drums, vocals)
  • DUANI MARTINS  (vocals and guitar)
  • FELIPE PINAUD  (the flute)
  • KASSIN (eletric bass)
  • LEO MONTEIRO  (electronic percussion)
  • MAURO ZACHARIAS  (trombone)
  • MORENO VELOSO  (vocals and percussion)
  • NINA BECKER  (vocals)
  • PEDRO SA  (eletric guitar)
  • RODRIGO AMARANTE  (vocals)
  • RUBINHO JACOBINA  (eletric piano)
  • STEPHANE SAN JUAN  (percussion)
  • THALMA DE FREITAS  (vocals)


Originally conceived from a meeting of some friends from different scenes of the Brazilian pop music environment, the "Orquestra Imperial" is the result of each member's old dream: to be part of a typical Brazilian traditional music orchestra with a "something else". The group congregates special names of the Carioca (from Rio de Janeiro) musical scene in their different styles: the singer-actress Thalma de Freitas and Nina Becker singing sambas, Moreno Veloso and Rodrigo Amarante (from the rock group Los Hermanos) singing boleros and salsas, besides great instrumentists, such as the pop music producers Berna (keyboards and samplers) & Kassin (bass), the guitar players Nelson Jacobina, Bartolo and Pedro Sa, percussionists Domenico, Stephan San Juan and one of the biggest Brazilian music masters, legendary singer and drummer Mr Wilson das Neves, from the old gard of Brazilian samba and soul, among others. Since its first appearance on summer 2002, the ORQUESTRA became more and more one of the biggest sensations of the recent Carioca cultural scene, attracting and livening up great public, with a growing up audience During the performances, everybody dance and have been gifted with special appearances of great Brazilian names, like Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte, Jorge Mautner, Fernanda Abreu, Ed Motta, Zeca Pagodinho and international stars as all such as Chrissie Hynde and much more.
In 2005 the group achieved a huge public success with it's Pre-Carnival Balls in Rio de Janeiro, bringing a crowd over than 5,000 people in each performance. The same project was made in the next years.

The big band has been participating in important music festivals worldwide such as the huge Festival Sudoeste, in Portugal, and their first US Tour, with great concerts such as the one at the Chicago's Millenium Park inside the World Music Festival (along with Seu Jorge, one of the band's founders, being one of the biggest Brazilian music names nowadays). On 2006, the group performed at the Barbican Center Theatre (London) during the exhibition about the Tropicalia Brazilian cultural movement achieving a big success of critics and public.

In 2007, five years after its first show, the group launched it's first CD, 'Carnaval So Ano Que Vem' in Brazil, Japan and Europe by Totolo Records: At the same year, the group recorded at the next release, Momento, of the great Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto in the track 'Tranqueilo', composed by one of the bigband members, Kassin.
In 2008, Orquestra made their European tour debut doing some of the best summer festivals: Roskilde (Denmark) and Cartagena (Spain), with audiences unusually happy and dancing cheek to cheek.
In 2009, directed by their French drummer Stephane SanJuan, Orquestra Imperial produced and performed the show GAINSBOURG IMPERIAL a tribute to the French artist Serge Gainsbourg, this show putted together the musical director Jean Calude Vannier alogn with Jane Birkin and Caetano Veloso. This event won the Bravo (Brazilian magazine) award as the best musical show of the year.

In 2010 the big band played for a multitude in the streets of Lisbon celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Portugal for a crowd over than 20 thousand people.

In 2011 the band performed JORGE MAUTNER IMPERIAL. A special show celebrating 70th birthday of great singer, composer and guru Jorge Mautner, in an event featuring special guests Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso.

In 2012, the bigband launched in Brazil CD and DVD live recorded in a 2007' show in Rio. And the second album of their career, celebrating 10 years of ORQUESTRA IMPERIAL. The band did several presentations with this album and in all over Brazil.

For 2015 we expect good news and news presentations, albuns and international tours.


Orquestra Imperial

Orquestra Imperial

Orquestra Imperial