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Line up

  • Hannu Rantanen  (bass )
  • Johanna Virtanen  (vocals)
  • Mari Kaasinen  (vocals)
  • Matti Kallio  (accordion, keyboards )
  • Mikko Hassinen  (drums )
  • Roope Aarnio  (guitar )
  • Susan Aho  (vocals )


For many around the world, Varttina is the sound of Finland. In their home country they remain one of the most important and pioneering ensembles in the folk music revival of the last decades. On their way to their 30th anniversary, they're as strong as ever, as evinced by the critical acclaim for their 2012 album Utu. Led by founder member Mari Kaasinen, the band has experimented with different styles and absorbed various influences over the years but the traditions of Finland's Karelia region have always been the inspiration and wellspring of their art. It's been a long road and many of Finland's finest contemporary musicians have contributed to Varttina's story along the way but the band has always retained its unique and instantly recognizable sound, bringing Finnish folk roots to the international stage with success and style.