Celina da Piedade
front cover © Rodrigo Madeira
back cover © Rodrigo Madeira


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Celina da Piedade presents her third album SOL, which is the consolidation of her musical journey at a time when she is increasingly recognized inside and outside Portugal, always maintaining her identity and authenticity.

Combining original themes with new interpretations of traditional themes and already existing poems, SOL is born from the musical roots of Celina da Piedade and grows into a larger, more solarized universe, where the southern traditional songs fit, as well as new poetry, compositions, collaborations, Sounds, travels, feelings. Love for the land, for the mother language, for the strength of words, for the musical filigree that weaves the instruments. It is a portrait of an artist in the mirror: in one hand the tradition, in the other the contemporaneity.
In an organically acoustic sound, in SOL the themes of traditional cante alentejano are interspersed with new melodies, own compositions and other authors, such as the Argentine Atahualpa Yupanqui, the Brazilian Gilberto Gil and João Gil, an inescapable name of Portuguese music and architect of remarkable songs, who is present as producer and musical guest of the album, signing the authorship of the single "Assim sou eu" in partnership with António Avelar Pinho in the lyrics.

A musical selection riddled with the heart, for the yearning for beauty and truth in words, always in Portuguese. As Celina herself explains: "This was an album made with lots of love. We believe that, as the African proverb says, "It takes a whole village to raise a child," also to make a record it takes a whole community, a whole village of people with art, inspiration and doer. We thank all of them who have made this work possible." So open-hearted, like a great sun!

This is a Sons Vadios edition with the support of Associação Mutualista Montepio and Antena 1.