OMIRI releases new single " Fui à Lenha"

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"Fui à lenha", is the first single of the new album by Omiri: “Alentejo Vol.I: Évora”, and its already available in all digital platforms.

Omiri´s new single is a version of a popular theme song from Alentejo which the musician selected from the field recordings made in the Évora district for the new album - to be released next July.

In "Fui à lenha", Vasco Ribeiro Casais, Omiri, registered the voice of Afonso Branco (11 years old, from Viana do Alentejo) and works thru the sound manipulation of the field recordings made on traditional instruments such as the "bombo" (traditional drum) played by Joana Rebola (from S. Miguel de Machede), the "banjolim" (a mix of a banjo with a mandolin) of Vitor Santana (from Évora) and the "chocalho" (kind of cow bell) from Francisco Cardoso, "Mestre Chocalheiro" (master manufacturer) from Chocalhos Pardalinho (Alcáçovas). Vasco also plays bouzouki, guitarra braguesa and cavaquinho.
In the early months of 2019, Vasco Ribeiro Casais traveled through the region of Évora, collecting audio and video from music, arts and crafts, with the aim of creating a unique show and album.

In the new album "Alentejo Vol.I: Évora", Omiri promotes a dialogue between diverse musical aesthetics, in which the tradition and the experience of rurality merge with musical languages ​​of urban character, thus giving continuity to the work that he has been developing in his albums.

The vídeo for the song “Fui à lenha” is composed by the images originally collected and used for the creation process of the single.

Tour Dates 2019:

12/10/2019 - Festival Popular Inatel na Rua - Porto - PT

11/10/2019 - Fólio - Óbidos - PT

21/09/2019 - Portugal*

19/09/2019 - Reeperbahn Festival - Hamburgo - GER

07/09/2019 - Festa do Avante - Seixal -PT

31/08/2019 - Espanha* SP

03/08/2019 - Festival Tradidanças - S. Pedro do Sul - PT

02/08/2019 - Do Bira ao Samba - Braga - PT

19/07/2019 - Espanha*

13/07/2019 - Artes à Rua - Évora - PT

29/06/2019 - Festival Med - Loulé - PT

18/05/2019 - Festival Belmundo - Brugges - BE

16/05/2019 - Festival Islâmico - Mértola - PT

11/05/2019 - Festival Popular na Rua - Angra do Heroísmo - PT

04/05/2019 - Festival Viriato - Guijo de S.Barbara - SP

25/04/2019 - Seixal - PT

04/04/2019 - MUM - Villa Franca de Los Barros - SP

30/03/2019 - Oliva Beer Mind - S. João da Madeira - PT

14/03/2019 - Gigs at work - Lisboa - PT

09/03/2019 - Mercado do Forno de Tijolo - Lisboa - PT

22/02/2019 - Coimbra - PT

* to be announced soon

About Omiri:

"For some years now, Vasco Ribeiro Casais has built a well-earned reputation for being one of the most original and exciting musicians to pick up on the Portuguese traditional rhythms and smash them against other European folk forms alongside is sober use of electronics. His project OMIRI remains a facisnating demonstration on how to do this.(...)" in Songlines (UK)

(...)"This recording has energy and coherence, and is one more step forward on an interesting artist's journey." David Cox in

(...) "Baile Electronico" is a huge album. (...) in

(...) “harmony between sound and video, rural and urban”(...) in (PT)

(...) “one of the night´s best performances.” (...) (Festival Bons Sons 2014) in (PT)

(...)”the sound power of tradition nowadays.”(...) in (PT)

article posted by:Ricardo Delgado, Roots and Rhythms