Rosario La Tremendita

Rosario La Tremendita is a flamenco singer, composer, producer, lyricist, considered "the protagonist of the last revolution of flamenco".

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Born in a Flamenco Home at Triana (Sevilla), Rosario La Tremendita, besides being a flamenco singer, is also a composer, producer, lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist. She accompanies herself with the guitar, electric bass, and percussion. From her beginnings she studies the tradition, always with respect but with an unstoppable desire for investigate and renovate, absorbing current influences without losing its essence: Flamenco music.

A TIEMPO (2010) was her first album and challenge. Her second project, FATUM (2012), got her first nomination for The Latin Grammy Awards for Best Flamenco Album. In 2015, she published her third work, QASIDA, a live concert with Irani singer Mohamed Motamedi, with whom she creates a space of sounds and dialogue between two cultures. Her second nomination for the Latin Grammys for best Flamenco Album came with her fourth album DELIRIUM TREMENS (2018), a project where she takes a further step in her research interest, exposing traditional flamenco singing to new environments, sounds and harmonies approaching to jazz and electronic music.

In 2021 she releases the first part of her double album TREMENDA. Principio y Origen. This work travels from the most avant-garde to the most traditional flamenco through a revision of cante jondo she builds an electronic atmosphere dominated by bass and synth sounds. A deep investigation of cante jondo but without stylistic ties nor rules where she looks at the tradition from the impure, articulated by sounds originally far from traditional flamenco resulted in TREMENDA, first part, and was awarded recently with the MIN Award for the Best Flamenco Album.
Second part, TREMENDA ORIGEN will be presented in autumn 2022, she will conservate the repertoire from the first part: popular lyrics, her own lyrics, and lyrics from the poet Laurent Berger. Every one of them chosen and composed under a strong social compromise with feminist connotations because rescuing a petenera from la Niña de los Peines is also a transgression. In this sphere, compositions that introduce a change in the sound and semiotic level stand out and honours beloved figures such as Lorca or Morente. Rosario’s voice is accompanied by raw sounds: Knuckles, palms and ten extraordinary guitarist collaborations, including Dani de Moron, Rafael Riqueni, Niño Josele and Paquete among others.

TREMENDA. Principio y Origen is conceived as a whole exploring form the contemporary to the root. From the synthesizers and dominant bass to traditional singing and naked sounds. From popular lyrics to contemporary and avant-garde. A journey from today to yesterday, walking through electronic, funk, jazz, and experimental music. From tradition to innovation under a creative freedom searching for the experimental coming from her most multi-instrumental side. Two worlds becoming one, clearly La Tremendita gets evermore tremendous.


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