• country:Mali
  • style(s):Afro, Rock
  • label:Label Bleu
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, guitar
  • artist posted by:Run Productions


"Anyone seeking pure guitar energy and signs of a healthy musical revival in Bamako need look no further. Led by three guitarists, notably Moussa Diabaté of Super Rail Band fame, Bamba Wassoulou Groove both electrify old Malian classics and compose endearing new Bamana tunes. Uner the guidance of musical director Bamba Dembélé, the seven-man band reinvent the great 1970s standard 'Bina' and allow Diabaté's guitar new unbridled freedom in songs like 'Fadegnacouma', 'Lolo' and the title-track. Dembélé's reputation reaches back to the Super Djata Band that he founded in the late 70s. The percussionist proves he has lost none of his agility in marrying rock, native blues and rhythms from the southern Wassoulou region. The warm voice of Ousmane Diakaté drives many Dembélé's compositions to telling effect, but this is a collective effort where the balafon of Mory Kouyaté shoulders the dizzying riffs of the guitar trio. This is likely to light up the dance floors throughout the African continent." - Songlines