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Amilê Trio - UK summer tour - Kazimier Gardens - Liverpool
Amilê Trio - UK summer tour - Constallations- Liverpool


Performance at Kazimier garden - Liverpool
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Amilê Trio

Brazilian Instrumental music with flute, 7 string guitar and percussion

Amilê Trio is a group of exceptionally talented musicians from backgrounds of Brazilian music and Jazz combining to form an invigorating and exuberant style of Instrumental music. French Flautist Amina Mezzache and Brazilians Rodrigo Samico on 7 String guitar and Milena Sá on percussion, invite you to explore the vibrant Brazilian styles of choro, maxixe, forró (baião, xote), frevo, maracatu and samba, through a wide repertoire of standards and original compositions.

Amilê Trio have a fresh and unique way of mixing Brazilian rhythms with Jazz and through their exciting improvisations, a lively and intoxicating musical language is discovered. Amilê Trio will surprise you with a carnival atmosphere full of musical poetry that will open the doors of your imagination and urge you to dance for as long as they play.

Recently Amilê Trio performed their The Beatles meets Brazil project in London after completing an exciting debut summer tour of Liverpool at notable venues Kazimier Garden, Constallations, Caledonia and Pen Factory.

Amilê Trio performed as guests on The Popular Music Show on BBC radio on 20th August

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For more information contact Milena Sá on
+44 07460039159

Artist profile:

Milena Sá will be attending WOMEX 2018 as delegate and artistic director in order to create musical exchanges and partnership with similar artists/professionals and promote Amilê Trio.

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