Sain (Recordiau) Cyf

SAIN (Recordiau) Cyf., now known simply as 'SAIN' is Wales' leading recording company,...

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SAIN (Recordiau) Cyf., founded in 1969 and now known simply as 'SAIN' (which is the Welsh word for 'sound', and pronounced like the English word 'sign') is Wales' leading recording company, reflecting the whole spectrum of Welsh music.
SAIN can justly claim to have the largest catalogue of Welsh music in the world, from the classical and choral, through purely traditional to rock and hip-hop. Most of Sain’s CDs and tracks are available for licensing and can also be downloaded from iTunes and other platforms or bought directly from the company’s website



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"Dinas" - Calan

"Week of Pines" - Georgia Ruth

"Jonah" - Calan

"Cerdd Dannau" - Gwenan Gibbard

"Yr Eira Mawr" - Mim Twm Llai

"Dawel Disgyn" - The Gentle Good

"Tân" - Lleuwen Steffan

"Cedors Hen Wrach" - Gwibdaith Hen Fran

"The Best of Ar Log" - Ar Log

"Cyn Cau'r Drws" - Aled Lloyd Davies

"Moelyci" - Steve Eaves

"Icarws" - Meic Stevens

"Celticae" - Rhys Meirion

"Crasdant" - Crasdant

"Not yet Saturday" - Crasdant

"Trad Harps" - Various

"Cyfnos" - Acoustique

"Old hearth" - Robin Huw Bowen

"Gweini tymor" - Sian James

"Di-gwsg" - Sian James

"Hwyrgan" - Heather Jones

"Goreuon (Best of)" - Heather Jones

"Canu'r Pridd" - Various

"Mered" - Meredydd Evans

"Mihangel" - Meic Stevens