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  • country:France
  • style(s):Pop, Groove
  • label:SAKIFO
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Sakifo Production


At the end of the eighties, Camille Bazbaz formed his first punk band 'Le Cri de la Mouche' in which he performed as a keyboardist. The band quickly split up and Bazbaz found himself touring with 'Les Satellites'. From then on a series of important encounters began that would play a crucial role in the artist's career.

1996 saw the release of 'Dubbadelik', his first solo album. Following the meeting with film director Pierre Salvadori, in 1997, Camille Bazbaz started composing music soundtracks for Salvadori's movies ('Comme Elle Respire', 'Les Marchands de Sable', 'Apres Vous' / 'Hors de prix' Won, in 2007, the RAIMU price for this soundtrack).

At the same time, BazBaz continued working on his personal projects. He releases his second album 'Une Envie de Chien' in 2000 and wrote music for various artists such as Sandrine Kimberlain, Gerard Darmon and Brigitte Fontaine.

2004, 'Sur Le Bout de la Langue' came out - BazBaz's third album to date. Influenced by reggae, blues and ragtime, superfluous arrangements have been removed in order to put all the emphasis on his voice and poetic lyrics. 'Le Bonheur Fantome', released in 2007, confirmed his talent as songwriter and performer with irresistibly catchy songs such as "Con d'Homme"...

In 2010, Camille Bazbaz is back with "La Chose", his 5th album on which Bazbaz, once more, sings his passion for Love...