True Live


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A great man was once quoted as stating that "there is no greater challenge than to have someone relying upon you; no greater satisfaction than to vindicate his expectation". Melbourne's True Live are finally back with the follow-up to their highly exalted debut LP, 2006's The Shape of It, an album that earned the group a huge cult following around the country and established expectations that their sophomore release may be something truly incredible. And, by all accounts, True Live have met the challenge laid down by critics and emerged with something set to vindicate their expectations, and then some.

After building up a massive grass-roots buzz through the consistent touring of their phenomenal live show, True Live put their raw, experimental energy onto a record and exhibited the blueprint of what many were saying could be a one-in-a-million band. Reviews of their freshman album often seemed to all share one commonality speculation of what this band were truly capable of. They had presented an uncut, unrefined stone, and now the time has come to reveal their coming of age, Found Lost - a gleaming, polished diamond in all its unorthodox glory. Their innovative, unpredictable signature sound has developed a new-found maturity and water-tight cohesion while still retaining all of what makes them so undefinable.

Found Lost is classical music that ran away and joined the circus. It's hip-hop's bizarre cousin. It's soul with a supercharged engine. It's the Tarantino remake of funk. True Live's sound is the prodigal bastard son of a musical orgy, but now the son has grown into a sophisticated gentleman albeit one that's high on LSD. The album oozes influence from past eras but there is something undeniably futuristic about the way that it is spliced with cutting-edge, often left-field modern style. RHyNO's liquid tongue effortlessly rides every drum snare and morphs to each stroke of the cello or touch of the keys creating an ever-evolving sixth instrument.

The six-piece, which is spearheaded by frontman and producer RHyNO and incorporates a violinist, cellist, double bassist, keyboardist and drummer, contains the kind of chemistry that comes along only once in a blue moon. Individually, they are some of the most acclaimed and experienced musicians in their given fields, but together they create an all-powerful musical beast that takes on a life of its own.