"Bandish" - Ustad Fateh Ali Khan

Ustad Fateh Ali Khan


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  • artist:Ustad Fateh Ali Khan
  • featured artist:Sachal Studios Orchestra, Lahore
  • release year:2004
  • style(s):Asian, Folk
  • country:Pakistan
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Sama Arts Network Ltd
  • label:Sachal Music
  • publisher:Sachal Music
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The idea is to bring our classical music to all of us (but especially to the younger generation) with the full splendour of Ustad Fateh Ali Khan’s voice. This is perhaps the fi rst time that our classical compositions have been supported by the orchestral arrangements played by the great musicians of Lahore while keeping the purity of the ragas structure intact.

'Bandish' has nine raag-based compositions that carry the age-old tradition of classical singing made more accessible to the many of us who have lost the need to listen to our classical music.

Izzat Majeed and Mustaq Soofi