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In 2018 Sarao started flamenco management with greats artists: José Quevedo “Bolita”, Laura Vital, Gema Moneo, Isaac Tovar and Antonio Molina "Choro".

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Sarao Films is an audiovisual company founded in 2012 and specialized in making documentar Films, videoclips, promocional and institutional videos. They began with a Portrait Collection, a project that connected video and dancing and that was launched at the Flamenco Bienal in Seville in 2014 and that later on has been introduced in the main flamenco festivals all over the world. With 13. Miguel Poveda, Sarao was very acknowledged, especially with a nomination to the Jose Maria Porque Awards 2016 and 2 nominations to the Andalusian Movie ASECAN Awards 2016. During the Flamenco Bienal in Seville, they launched their second documentary film, Acariciando el aire. Matilde Coral in 2016 and in 2017 their last documentary film A Remo was also launched in festivals of more than 14 countries so far.
Twice nominated to the Latin Grammy Awards for their work in Sinergia by Argentina (2014) and Real by Miguel Poveda (2013), the result of the collaboration with important artists and discographic companies of the flamenco world.
In 2018, Sarao started a management activity with 2 great artists: José Quevedo “Bolita” and Laura Vital representing and promoting them. Not in vain, they have produced audio- visual pieces for almost a hundred artists, especially flamenco artists, like Miguel Poveda, Argentina, Rocío Márquez, Marina Heredia, Matilde Coral, Esperanza Fernández, Eduardo Guer- rero, Farruquito, Manuel Cañadas, Rocío Márquez, El Choro...



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