Scudpromo Music

Scudpromo Music is an independent label and artist management, from Brazil, specialized in the brazilian world music concept.

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The focus of the Scud Music is to promote and release its artists overseas through partnership with international record companies. We work based on the continuous interest for Brazilian music overseas.

Created at the end of 2005, Scudpromo Music intends to achieve success as the principal independent record company and artist management, from Brazil, specialized in world music. In our releases it is possible to find the work of modernity, charm and fashion that is synonym of Brazilian music worldwide.

Through a deep research in the modern scene of Brazilian music it was possible to get a cast of high quality mixing the experience of artists such as Armando Marçal and Gabriel Moura with new talents such as Samba Um, Zambe, Feeling Carioca, Brazuka Fina.

All Scudpromo artists are avaibale for touring overseas. We are also seeking Labels to release our Records in Europe, Asia and North America



participating in

  • WOMEX 2007


"Floripa Groove" - Tijuquera

"D.N.A" - Samba Um

"Capoeira Experience" - Capoeira Experience

"Rio to Go" - Feeling Carioca