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  • country:Italy
  • region:Lazio
  • style(s):Dub, Spoken Poetry
  • label:Minus haben records
  • type:Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet
  • artist posted by:Second To The Left

Line up

  • Erica Scherl (violin, looper, live electronics)
  • Serena Fortebraccio (Vocals)
  • Valerio Corzani (Voice, hollow body bass, tub bass, small percussio)


INTERIORS is a duo composed by Valerio Corzani (Mau Mau, Mazapegul, Daunbailò, Gli Ex, Corzani Airlines) and Erica Scherl (Alboreo, Gohatto, Violongeria).

Obsessive grooves dissolved by the violin of Erica Scherl, acid strings rounded by the deep basses of Valerio Corzani in an incessant role exchange, which never lose the percussive joint.

The album "Liquid" (2013 - Minus Habens Records) is a connecting electronic and acoustic trip, sublimated by sinuous rhythmic architectures. Taking advantage from awesomeness suggested by experimental super8 of Derek Jarman, Interiors set out a surprising and fibrillations full route.

Timbral grazing glitch collages, ethnic nuances, jazzy style improvisations and dub gashes, framed by Corzanis’ spoken poetry, whose lyrics are connected by landscape descriptions, which coud seem “external” if it weren’t for their powerful dreamlike appearance, driving them “internal” again…as they were Dalì’s paintings.

“Resonant furnishings” for floating and burgeoning environments. A musical trip which appears really dreamlike and astonishing. Correspondences of amorous feelings, sentimental strategies, lovemaking hypothesis between unforegcneable element couples: violin and bass, wood and magnet, frequencies and chip, images and sounds, rhythmic circles and soloist flights…

Interiors already performed in many well known Festivals, as Lugo Contemporanea (Ravenna), Adriatico Mediterraneo (Ancona), Dromos Festival (Oristano), Cala Gonone Jazz (Olbia), Hallobigallo (Firenze), Leggere la città (Pistoia), Mob (Bologna), and in many clubs.

"From an idea of Valerio Corzani and Erica Scherl comes a new way to experience music ... ... What we see before us is a musical journey that looks really dreamlike and "amazing" ”- Wired

“A disc "played liquid" with iPhone’s apps, but well heated by the wise analog sounds of Corzani and Erica ... rhythmic and dub atmospheres supported by deep bass and drummy groove, over which interlock Arab harmonies and visionary spoken poetry” - Il Fatto Quotidiano

""Experimental sounds, sophisticated, but which always retain a good deal of fire and heat. ... A futuristic soul and futurable"- Musical Box-Radio2Rai

" A well-measured symphony of analogue and electronic elements that never goes off topic ” - - Blogfoolk”

"Multipolar music full of different atmospheres, at times rarefied at times captivating” - - Stereonotte - Radio1Rai

"The sound is inspired by the first Jamaican dub of the primitive early 70s, yet filtered with contemporary influences, where the more experimental and atmospheric dub step intersects with natural recordings and with a hypnotic and fascinating organic. "Liquid" is an album that does not bear comparison with international productions, and in global times, moved by a new enjoyment of music, this is a very important point in favour of the project - E20

"Electronic inputs and analog percussions diluted with Erica Scherl’s violin, unexpected and unpredictable dualisms and above all handfuls of a thick and distorted groove. And then dub impressions, ethnic shades, sudden jazz turns. A surprising journey of vibrations and dichotomies in and through the universes of the world ” - Corriere di Romagna

"With violin, bass, laptop and some applications for smartphones, the two musicians create beautiful soundscapes, which can at the same time shape the space and adapt to it" - Radio Cittá del Capo
"A successful blend of spoken poetry, ambient, electronic sounds, loops, apps for Iphone" - Musica Jazz

"In the exact moment where Valerio Corzani and Erica Scherl began to play, might it be their psychedelic music, Valerio’s bass played inside of a plastic tub, Erica’s crumpled electric violin, or maybe it was the pictures of Derek Jarman who were screening behind, or perhaps the Nieddera, But I began, slowly, to have all my words mixed. And I went deep into their trip - Dromos Festival