"Meera" - Kamini Natarajan

Kamini Natarajan
Kamini Natarajan / Meera


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  • artist:Kamini Natarajan
  • featured artist:Kamini Natarajan
  • region:Indian Subcontinent
  • release year:2023
  • style(s):Hindustani, Indian Classical
  • country:USA
  • formats:Audio File / Digital
  • record posted by:Second To The Left / Resonator
  • label:Self Released
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Meera is a collection of eight enchanting bhajans (devotional songs), written by the 16th-century Indian saint and mystic poet, Meera Bai; and presented by award winning Indian classical vocalist Kamini Natarajan. These heartfelt tracks beautifully explore a range of emotions, from devotion and surrender to love and longing, joy and apprehension, respect and gratitude.

The eight tracks on Meera feature Indian Classical instruments such as sitar, tabla, khanjira, ghatam, and bansuri. While cello, bass and a light sprinkle of synths bring in slight western element and provide a rich, immersive sound. Each bhajan immerses the listener in a divine journey. This album is a powerful reminder of the timeless beauty of Meera Bai's poetry. It is also a significant contribution to the effort to bring her work to a wider audience in the modern world.

“It was my mother, Uma Natarajan, who first composed these songs in the 1990s," explains Kamini, "and they have ignited my passion for music ever since. This album brings out the essence of my musical journey and represents it in a nutshell. I’m blessed to have collaborated with a talented group of artists on this project. Eddie Young on Cello, Will Marsh on sitar, Dr Ashish Ranade on Tabla, have all contributed their extraordinary talents to bring these bhajans to life.”