• country:Portugal
  • region:Lisboa-Luanda-Salvador da Bahia
  • style(s):Ethnic, Traditional
  • label:BIGORNA
  • artist posted by:Seiva


Dazkarieh’s music is characterized by a diversified world cultural inspiration with sounds from all over the planet, mixing the use and exploitation of different kinds of instruments and musical genesis. The assumed musical originality of the band is caused by its own musical compositions, using different kinds of musical materials considered exotic but unique. On the other hand, the different musical education of the entire group and the performance of its players (traditional music, experimental music, pop-rock and erudite…) contributes as well for the enrichment of the band.

Founded in 1999 by Filipe Duarte (classic guitar), José Oliveira (wind instruments and bass) and Vasco Ribeiro Casais (strings and wind instruments), the group has been through two different periods in its own sonority as result of the different sensibility of those who have played with the band throughout its existence. This issue explains Dazkarieh’s implication with the specialized musical media and phonogram commerce and industry, considering the group as a Celtic sound band as well as folk-gothic sonority band - connotation fixed in some of the european market segment especially regarding Italy - first period in the existence of the group, ending with the edition of its first phonogram (Bigorna 2002) and its presentation on concert at Convento do Carmo ruins in Lisbon.

The period before the creation and the production of the second album can be described as the beginning of a new cycle in the band. The group changed dramatically (5 new elements in a few months), as well its philosophy and attitude, regarding its musical direction and integration in the show business.

In this new creative cycle, one can also emphasise the conception of Portuguese written songs (until then, only Dazkarianian was the basis for all songs), and the lyrics attributed to Tiago Torres da Silva, Ricardo Gouveia e Helena Madeira.

This way, after the second album (Bigorna’s edition,2004) Dazkarieh’s music was connoted as “world music” due to the fusion of such different musical materials, even though the market is small in Portugal. This fact stimulated international contacts, that resulted in concerts in the north of Spain (Alcañices, Zamora, Aliste Folk Festival; Moiños, Galiza, Folk Festival) in the Summer of 2004.

The current group’s formation is as follows:

Vasco Ribeiro Casais: Bouzouki, Nyckelharpa, Flautas, Gaita de Foles e Didjeridoo;

Luís Peixoto: Bouzouki Irlandês, Bandolim e Cavaquinho;

Helena Madeira: Voz e percussões;

Baltazar Molina: Cajon, Darabuka, Riqq, Bendir, Tar e Adufe;