Afoxé Oyá Alaxé de Recife-PE

Afoxé Oyá Alaxé de Recife-PE
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  • country:Brazil
  • region:Northeast Brazil
  • style(s):Afoxê, African-American
  • label:Selo Mundo Melhor
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Selo Mundo Melhor

Line up

  • Fabio Negão (Percussionist lider)
  • Maria Helena (Singer)


This is Afoxe Oya Alaxe, social entity, educational and cultural african-religious city of Recife-PE. We believe that Afoxes, which are "Candombles on the Street" could help undermine the prejudice toward religion african-Brazilian Candomble, Umbanda, Xango, Jurema and all names that exist across the country and in the case of Recife, Candomble Nago Nation. For the group members live Afoxe is much more to think about cultural entertainment, it means a way to fight the Black People Organized against racism and Afoxe is an Affirmative Action. The cult of the orishas (Candomble) is one of the oldest forms of a people to communicate with their gods and the sacred, of our planet. The Afro-Brazilian religions are all based on the significance that their gods - The Orishas - symbolizing elements of nature and thus is extremely ecologically, and after a dirty river that is one of the gods worshiped as cutting down the forest, which symbolizes a god. These are values that cherish the human and are all the time connecting with the sacred and nature, difficult thing these days, where we increasingly live in a rampant materialism and forgetting of spirituality. And especially today, we live in a great wave of growth of evangelical churches that preach a really unique and if we look more closely we see that religion is a form of each pove relate to the sacred and we have many religions as we have several people. The Afoxes remind us of the strength of the African people, who stole their land as a slave, was able to recreate their traditions in Brazilian lands in the worst that human beings can be placed - Slavery - and today's fighting against the prejudice that the Company Brazil imposes on black people and their culture, often people do this without being aware of bias, prejudice unfortunately has become almost a rule, because the history of oppression of our country. The Afro-Brazilian Religions mean a way to fight the Black People against this prejudice. We hope to be contributing in the struggle of enlightenment, recovery and repair of the black people and their culture, because each day so we can move towards a Better World (Mundo Melhor)