Andréa dos Santos

Andréa dos Santos
Andréa dos Santos
Andréa dos Satntos
Andréa dos Santos
Andréa dos Santos
Andréa dos Santos
Andréa dos Santos and group
Andréa dos Santos - DVD Minha Aldeia
DVD recording of Minha Aldeia
DVD recording of Minha Aldeia
DVD recording of Minha Aldeia
Bruno Yakalos (Bouzouki)
Bruno Yakalos (7 string guitar), Gabriel (steel guitar) e Alfredo Bello (bass)
Lieber Rodrigues (Curimbó)
Lieber Rodrigues (drums and percussion) and Guto Martins (percussion)
Alfredo Bello (bass)
Guto Martins (percussion)
Andréa dos Santos
Andréa dos Santos and Kayapo Indian woman


Composer: Kiko Dinucci
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Line up

  • Alfredo Bello (Fretless bass)
  • Andréa dos Santos (Singer)
  • Bruno Yakalos (07 strings guitar and bouzouki)
  • Gabriel Lourenço (Eletric and acoustic guitar)
  • Guto Martins  (Percussion)
  • Lieber dos Santos (Drummer and percussion)


Raised out of the art scene, from Brasilia, Andrea dos Santos slowly discovered her vocation for art. The starting point was at age 16 when she participated in a raffle to get into the Escola de Musica de Brasilia - Music School of Brasilia, where she studied until the age of 20. Her first instrument was the transversal flute and she participated in choirs, big-bands and chamber groups. Just before she left the Music School, Andrea joined the Theatre Company Esquadrao da Vida (Life Squadron), funded in the 70s. With the group, she performed in the streets all over Federal District and many other Brazilian cities, served as musician and actress in the show Na Rua (In The Street) with Romeu e Julieta (Romeo and Juliet) and O Bicho Homem e outros bichos (The Animal Man and other animals). She left the group in 1997 and returned in 2010.
It was in the rehearsals of the Theatre Company that she discovered herself as a singer, but she only took up professional singing at the age of 24. She also attended 3 years of Bachelor of Music at the University of Brasilia, but the calling outside of the academic environment was stronger and Andrea threw herself into experiments and studies in an autodidact way.
In 2000 she co-founded the band Casa de Farinha (House of Flour), which quickly fell in the Brasilia's public taste and also gained ground in Brazil and abroad. In 2005, with the work of the first independent CD, the band won the Premio Tim de Musica (Tim Music Award). Working in parallel to the band Andrea developed other musical works, with a panned repertoire amongst pearls of the Brazilian music, interpreter of many styles, went from Sidnei da Conceicao to Egberto Gismonti, from Bossa Nova to Samba de Roda.
In 2009, already out of the group Casa de Farinha, and contradicting the urgency of having a product for the market, she invested her time in searching for the conducting wire for the new job, throwing herself in traveling experiences in villages, small towns, worked in several projects, met several popular teachers in many corners of the country, and turned these experiences into raw material for her music.
Leaving her comfort zone of closing herself in a hermetic point of view of the Brazilian culture, the artist always sought the challenge of bringing to her music the timbres and influences of her travels and hearings throughout Brazil, from the most rustic to the more urban sounds, Andrea picked up sounds and inspirations that resulted in her new project of the DVD Minha Aldeia (My Village), which is the symbolic synthesis of this personal and artistic journey.
Andrea has been on stage with Hermeto Pascoal, Jorge Schellemberg (Uruguay), Georgina Hassan (Argentina), Helena Herrera (Argentina), GOG (DF), Otto (PE), Cleiton Barros e Nego Henrique (Cordel do Fogo Encantado - PE), DJ A (DF), Lia de Itamaraca (PE), Selma do Coco (PE), Fiandeiras de Sagarana (GO), Escurinho (PB), Toma Sidibe (Franca), amongst so many others.
In 2012 she participated in the new project by the London duo, Addictive TV that that includes the participation of musicians from different parts of the world, titled Orchestra Of Sample, which will be released in 2013.

DVD Minha Aldeia

In this new project, Andrea dos Santos counts on important collaborating partners to carry out this new job. Longtime friend, the producer, musician and researcher Alfredo Bello takes on the musical production of the DVD and joins the band formed by Alfredo Bello (bass), Bruno Yakalos (7-string guitar, voice and bouzouk), Gabriel Lawrence (guitar, electric guitar and vocals), Guto Martins (percussion) and Lieber Rodrigues (drums and percussion).
Alfredo now living in Sao Paulo became known to Brasilia's public when he was a member of the band 'Os Cachorros das Cachorras' (The Dogs of the bitches) in the 90s, now has accumulated over 1700 hours of research of traditional Brazilian music in all regions of Brazil, he produces and is the partner of major names in the national and global art scene.
The direction of the DVD will be by Brasilia's filmmaker Bruno Torres, a name that has stood out amongst the new names of national cinema. He worked on 33 films in different roles, including 18 feature films and 15 short films, directed the 35mm short films "O Ultimo Raio de Sol" (The Last Sunbeam), "A Noite por Testemunha" (The Night by Witness) and "Encontro das Aguas" (Meeting of the Waters).
The work was also in collaboration with the Spanish filmmaker Pato Sarda, who accompanied Andrea on her trips to Para and Chapada dos Veadeiros, recording moments and experiences that will be a part of the DVD.
The project was supported by the Fundo de Apoio a Cultura FAC da Secretaria de Cultura do DF (Support to the Culture Fund of the Secretary of Culture of the Federal District) and the show for the DVD recording will be held on September 6th at the theater Yara Amaral in SESI Taguatinga at 20h. The city was chosen to represent her connection to the satellite towns of Federal District. Born in Guara, her father is from Pernambuco, her mother from Espirito Santo and siblings from Rio de Janeiro, Andrea lived with a great diversity of cultures coming from different places in Brazil.
Enchanted by these 'Candangos', the people who built the capital of Brazil, the singer is still looking to recognize her belonging in this patchwork quilt that is the identity that is formed in the Federal Disctrict.

The Repertoire

The repertoire will have as a conducting wire the symbolic universe of the singer's personal and artistic trajectory, narrated by copyright and public domain songs, which mingle with works by composers such as Kiko Dinucci, Paulo Leminski, Junior Barreto, Alberto Salgado, Atan Pinho and Fernando Marques.
In this project, the singer firms herself as an interpreter and gives rise to a side that is still little known to the public that accompanied her work during the nine years that she was a member of Brasilia's band Casa de Farinha.
The arrangements wander through a rich universe of rhythms and timbres, mixing percussion, drums, bass, 7-string guitar, guitar and the different bouzouki, an instrument brought by Greek musician Bruno Yakalos, who is Greek descendant and lived in Greece, and brings to this work his fingerprint. Actually, this is a strong point of the work, that although it bares Andrea dos Santos name, it is the result of a collaborative process, giving more meaning to the proposal of a village without borders and formed by different tribes.