Baianas de Coqueiro Seco-AL

  • country:
  • region:
    Northeast Brazil
  • style(s):
    • Brazilian
    • Drum and Bass
  • label:
    Selo Mundo Melhor
  • type:
  • gender:
  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal
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The music of the "Baianas" is extremely seductive, see the collection Music of Brazil opens with them. Chico Science in the 1st CD recording sampled 1977, quoted in the CD, the music City. Since 1977 several re-recordings were made of Baianas. But this is the first CD entirely devoted to this game. According to researchers, the Baianas arise from a variation of Maracatu the southern state of Pernambuco - Alagoas now entering - in the early twentieth century, first as a carnival club, then as a joke Christmas due to the repression Afro-Brazilian religions. Many jokes keep relations with these religions, even for people who do play are the practitioners of the Afro-Brazilian religion. As in the case of Baianas of Miami: several were tested by Country-of-Santo after the big crackdown on terraces in Alagoas, culminating in the famous "Day Break" in 1912. The Baianas of Coqueiro Seco - AL stood still for 47 years between 1958 and 2005. Their return is due to Renata Mattar, a researcher of such events in the city. Renata met Master Dulce, who was the last master reminiscent of Baianas. After the meeting, through the organization of Lucimar and tests Dona Luzia, who played in 50 years, they returned to be tested. We hope so this beautiful tradition can go back and continue, these records can help to perpetuate any longer - I hope that all who hear are infected by the joy that are the Baianas - joy for a Better World.


Baianas de Coqueiro Seco-AL



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