"Congado em Mogi das Cruzes" - Congado em Mogi das Cruzes

Congado em Mogi das Cruzes
Congado em Mogi das Cruzes
Congado em Mogi das Cruzes
Congado em Mogi das Cruzes


Congado em Mogi das Cruzes
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  • artist:Congado em Mogi das Cruzes
  • featured artist:Congado em Mogi das Cruzes
  • region:Southern Brazil
  • release year:2009
  • style(s):Afro, Brazilian
  • country:Brazil
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Selo Mundo Melhor
  • label:Selo Mundo Melhor
  • publisher:Selo Mundo Melhor
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Mogi das Cruzes is an important city for Congo in Sao Paulo. Originally there was only the Paulista and Mozambique Congada manifestations characteristic of the state of Sao Paulo. Due to an influx of miners and other cities of Sao Paulo state your congado was renewed. Today there are 6 groups that maintains that tradition. Achieving this cd is designed to help these groups to have more respect within their neighborhoods and their city. It is vital to the perpetuation of the traditions that groups able to strengthen their relations in communities. We know a little of Congo, which has a tradition of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais region of Montes de Santana, Carandai and Conselheiro Lafaite and exchanges that these traditions did those 50 years of living. This achievement is also important to seal better world, it is the third conducted through public bidding of the state government of Sao Paulo, through the ProAc, a program that covers all areas of artistic and cultural creation of the state. We hope that more and more government agencies and their agents can understand the importance of these traditions to our identity of the Brazilian people. The contents of the CD can be accessed through the site www.selomundomelhor.org, plus the other 17 previous releases Seal Better World. We believe in saying Xavante "The only person who knows the case." Make public these traditions to a better understanding and respect for all is the main purpose of the seal Better World.