• artist:DJ Tudo
  • featured artist:DJ Tudo
  • region:Southern Brazil
  • release year:2008
  • style(s):Brazilian, Electronic
  • country:Brazil
  • formats:Audio File / Digital,
  • record submitted by:Selo Mundo Melhor
  • label:Selo Mundo Melhor
  • publisher:Selo Mundo Melhor

The first CD of DJ Tudo, this is a big mix of tradicional music of Brazil and eletronic music. Not only with the samples, but with the songs. Because, DJ Tudo aka Alfredo Bello, today is the more important reseacher or tradicional music in Brazil. His collection now is around 1.050 hours of Audio, listen a little in www.selomundomelhor.org
Dj Tudo is too a new important producer of new artistis in Brazil, Junio Barreto, Porcas Borboletas, Cerebro Eletronico and others.