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  • country:Brazil
  • region:Southern Brazil
  • style(s):Brazilian, Experimental
  • label:Selo Mundo Melhor
  • type:Band, Solo, Composer/Songwriter
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Selo Mundo Melhor

Line up

  • Alfredo Bello (Basses and eletronics)
  • Marcelo Monteiro (Saxs and flutes)
  • Simone Sou (Drums, sampler and voices)


The sheer complicity of sounds, noises, rhythms, melodies, combined together in various musical situations, define the universe of sound trip. Brazilian music is seen in all eyes, complete with full range of genres that is composed of: a music intuitive, free, unusual, decoded, cerebral music, intensional, the ritualistic, regionalism, the eclecticism, the music uncomfortable, alert, which accommodates, in comfort, freedom of expression. Project Raw is the raw sound in the making, expressed through the diversity of timbres that sound of drums, percussion, the acoustic and electric bass, the decks, samplers, cans, pots ... translated into instrumental songs with great strength of Brazilian rhythms, african-Cuban, African ... The mixture is the point X, music african-indigenous coco'n'bass, samba funk skillet, caboclinho'n'roll ... With the drumming of SIMONE SOUL, involved in a search of sounds through their various drums and melodies and textures developed by low sinths and samplers ALFREDO BELLO, and now with the wind varying MARCELO MONTEIRO, the project is moving without rules limits. Performed the first show in the Project "INSTRUMENTAL SESC" in the SESC Paulista, June 2001, a project that is televised by TV-SESC SENAC, played on Mondays at Grazie a Dio, from October 2001 until June 2002 where relied on various holdings, as Robby Silva, Alessandra Belloni, member of the Master Ambrose and other musicians, and those months created a captive audience. In April 2002, participated in the rhythm of the Earth, International Film Percussion Campinas, in June 2002, participated in the DRUMS FOR PEACE, no SESC Santo Andre - Sao Paulo.The July 2003, Cru participating in the program TV's "Guerrilla," with a show at Itau Cultural. In March 2003 Alfredo Bello and Simone Soul Orchestra are part of the Scotland Brazil, along with 14 other musicians, 8 of Brazil 8 of Scotland, making a tour in Sao Paulo and Curitiba. In August 2003 Araraquara touches the SESC. In November / December the same year part of a tour in Scotland and England with the Orquestra Scotland Brazil. In January 2004 workshop held percussion and show in Maceio in the crafts fair in the NE. They show and percussion workshop in March 2004 the SESC Vila Mariana and play in the same month in the Faculty of Theology Umbanda. Participants in the project "Catharsis", bringing together various artists in the SESC Pompeii in April. The project involves "electronic book" at CCBB, along with the Indians Pankararu in April. In May they show in Curitiba in Paiol Theater in June participating SCHEDULE World Cultural Forum, with the show Consolation SESC in Sao Paulo, in July are presented in the Supreme Musical in Sao Paulo and in early 2006 launched a first job in the music market, the label Mundo Melhor. In 2008 the group had a tour for Sao Paulo state and in 2009 the first CD of the songs are the soundtrack of the movie "Love B. Schanberg second" by Beto Brant.