Sen Tour Booking Agency

Sen Tour Booking est une agence d'evènementielle qui évolue sur les industries culturelles creatives.

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Sen Tour Booking Agency, evolves in the organization of events, cultural and artistic management. Indeed, it wants to be a credible device in the execution of its domain activity while creating favorable conditions and relations with its audience level.Located in the capital of Senegal, Sen Tour Booking brings together a combination of artistic values and managerial, led by a team of young cultural entrepreneurs, managers, stylists, trade fair organizers, commercial and financial. The fundamental mission of the structure revolves around a motivation to unite stakeholders in order to facilitate a profitable industry.

Our know-how since 2015, the structure supports cultural players in the areas of project management, events and expertise. It is a daring artistic agency with a rich and varied selection of artists, professional models, stylists. Our agency deals with artists and groups who share the same passion for the plastic, musical and painting arts: a sincere desire to continue to live this special relationship with their audience.

Our catalog now includes a dozen Senegalese and international references. Our basic principle is to develop your idea in order to
give it another dimension depending on the audience you are targeting. We manage for some looking for shows only for Senegal and for others we work internationally with our network of partners who are based in France, Belgium Holland, Germany Switzerland, United States, Canada.

We have set up two annual festivals Dakar Ouakam and Saly portudal: Festival of urban cultures of Ouakam W’ArtKamb and TalibéTaliberté festival of saly portudal with the association Couleurs Musiques.

participating in

  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo


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