Zimbabwe Awake

Zimbabwe Awake


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  • country:Zimbabwe
  • region:Southern Africa
  • style(s):Afro
  • label:The Music Industry
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist posted by:Sheer Publishing

Line up

  • Victor Kunonga

In the past years, despite providing entertainment, music has been playing a critical role in shaping society and a heavy influence on our culture. During that era it was mainly the traditional instruments namely Mbira, Ngoma,
Hosho, Chipendani, Hwamanda, Chigufe which were usually used to send messages to others as well as to celebrate important traditional rituals and ceremonies. The Western influence from countries such as Britain and the USA in the early 50’s made some Zimbabweans dump their traditional instruments and remodel their sounds by replacing them with western instruments such as the guitar, banjo, harmonica and accordion. However there are
some who fused the modern instruments, guitars, drums and keyboards with the traditional instruments which has been coined as Chimurenga music. Thomas Mapfumo was the artist who popularised this genre, because of its influence during the war of liberation. Until today this particular music genre can easily be identified as having originated from Zimbabwe.
Amongst other music genres, namely jazz, reggae, rock and of late urban grooves, a genre which was
developed in the last decade have found their places in Zimbabwe’s music landscape. Musicians like Victor Kunonga, Dudu Manhenga, and Rute Mbangwa had their music influenced by jazz. Most Zimbabwean musicians have managed to put the country on the international map such Makoomba and Oliver Mtukudzi. Music has continued to give people inspiration, hope and entertainment in our lives.

The urban grooves style of music closely resembles American Rap, Hip Hop, RnB, Soul and other international music genres. Urban grooves style artists who were heavily influenced by these international genres include Alexio Kawara, Q Montana, and Nehoreka who are claiming their space in Zimbabwe’s tightly contested music

ZIMBABWE AWAKE: Is a dedication to Zimbabwean Music, in all its rich, cultured and unique sounds. The main purpose of this compilation is to create an atmosphere and spirit of togetherness in the African continent. Also to maximise the chances of collaborations amongst African artists.