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SHUNT RECORDS S.A is a cultural company based in Cameroon, specializing in the Distribution of original musical CDs, VCDs and DVDs, at home and abroad, Production of artists, Editing, Training and Management of artists, Representation, Counseling and Studies… etc
Being in a country which is characterized by a high level of counterfeiting musical products, as a result of lack of sales points where original musical works could be put at the disposal of the general public. SHUNT RECORDS comes in with the objective of establishing a distribution network of original musical works in the entire national territory, thus, making these products accessible to the general public in terms of visibility and price.
Our objectives to attend the World Music Expo 2009 are as follows:
- To find producers who are interested in the distribution of their musical products in Cameroon via our distribution network.
- To search for partners willing to distribute the products of artists in our catalogue both in Africa and European countries.
Actually, 17 sales points are already operational both in DOUALA and YAOUNDE; but in the nearest future, we intend to cover the 10 regions of Cameroon. These sales points will include:
• The prestige sales points which shall be installed on the main avenues of each administrative centre of the 10 regions in Cameroon.
• Bandstands which shall be installed in major crossroads.
• Mobile shelves shall be installed at the entrance of Supermarkets, Bakeries and Hotels in our towns.

We won’t stop without mentioning our force of mobile sellers. This team is essentially composed of former distributors of counterfeit CDs, VCDs and DVDs, who were recruited, trained and deployed to specific zones. Under the supervision of the heads of department, supervised by zonal heads, these mobile distributors shall prospect and sell our products. They shall also recolonise their former territories, but this time with original products systematically replacing the pirated ones.

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  • WOMEX 2009


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