Sibelius Academy Folk Big Band
FBB cover by Paula Susitaival, Photo by Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen


trad. Arr: Petri Prauda & FBB
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Sibelius Academy’s record label SibaRecords starts year 2014 by releasing the unique first album of the Sibelius-Academy Folk Big Band FBB. The CD contains such pieces as Kaivantomiehen laulu, Laulu Suomessa and ordered compositions Metsän sävel by Ilona Korhonen and Promootiokantaatti by Timo Alakotila.

Sibelius-Academy Folk Big band is a folk instrument orchestra with over 40 musicians. The sound of the orchestra is really special in these altitudes. The instrumentation contains fiddles, kanteles, accordions, guitars, wind instruments, harmoniums and singing. In addition, archaic instruments like bowed lyre (jouhikko), Jew’s harp (munniharppu) and Mänkeri (old clarinet instrument) bring their own nuance to the clang. All the instruments get their own moment to shine in the multifaceted program, but the festival starts when the whole big band sings and plays. The orchestra was found and started in guidance of Petri Prauda in 2010 as part of the operation of folk music department of Sibelius-Academy. Folk Big Band got the title “band of the year” in Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 2012.

Folk instrument orchestra consists of folk musicians. It is good to open this a bit: all of the musicians are composers, arrangers, multi-instrumentalists, soloists and ensemble players. All this creativity creates the power for the Folk Big Band – the orchestra performs without conductor or music sheets, all the members communicate dynamically and rhythmically while playing and interpreting, they improvise and throw themselves to the music.

The repertoire of Folk Big Band consists of traditional dance melodies and songs, teachers’ and students’ contemporary compositions and arrangements, and the ordered compositions.
The album contains of straightforward polskas, waltzes and schottisches played with irresistible going, which take you to dance. Besides, more atmospheric and meander tunes are represented by the various sparkling contemporary folk music compositions. The arrangements are also done together; often instrument groups make their own interpretation of their harmonies.

The outcome is something incredible, strong, absorbing – it glows with the pride of Finnish folk music! Sometimes more is more! This is the recipe of the most interesting folk music release of the year 2014!


1. A-Taklax
2. Kaivantomiehen laulu (Miner's song)
3. Omatekopolkka / Vili-vainaan polkka / Reepakan polkka
4. Laulu Suomessa (Song in Finland)
5. Haliasoitto
6. Konstan koko tuotanto 16 sekunnissa (Konsta's complete works in 16 seconds)
7. D-mollisottiisi (Schottische in D minor)
8. Neijon valitus (Maiden's lament)
9. Maria Pohjan neiti osa I (Maria, Maiden of the North, part 1)
10. Maria Pohjan neiti osa II (Maria, Maiden of the North, part 2)
11. Vanhalla Nuorisoseuralla (At the old youth Society Hall)
12. Paimendisko (Shepherd disco)
13. Ruskova
14. Metsän sävel (Forest tune)
15. Promootiokantaatti (Conferment cantata)

Recorded and mixed in 2013 at the Helsinki Music Centre

Recording engineers: Mikko Haapoja, Tuukka Tervo
Editing: Tuukka Tervo
Mixing: Miikka Huttunen
Artistic producer: Timo Alakotila
Mastering: Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers
Artistic director: Petri Prauda
Cover: Paula Susitaival
Photography: Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen
Translations: Hanna-Mari Latham
Producer at SibaRecords: Joni Käenmäki