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Line up

  • Ana Alcaide (Nyckelharpa, Voice, Handanger's fiddle)
  • Bill Cooley (Santoor, Psaltery, Ud, percussions)
  • Bruno Duque (Flutes, Clarinet, whistles, background vocals)
  • Ivan Mellén (Percussions)
  • Paul Castejón (Keyboard, Bass, percussions, background vocals)
  • Rainer Seiferth (Spanish Guitar, Bouzouki)


Ana Alcaide is a musician and composer from Toledo, Spain who carries out research on ancient traditions and cultures.

More than 500 concerts around 4 continents

"Over the past decade Ana Alcaide's reputation as a superlative and innovative musician has grown exponentially with each album release... This is music of very highest quality, brilliantly performed and positively breathtaking it is inventiveness"
R2 Magazine - UK

"Ana Alcaide - a lady who really has no need to represent legends, because she is one"
Moors Magazine - THE NETHERLANDS

"Ana Alcaide, una exploradora de otra época"
El País, SPAIN:

"The ever inventive and inquisitive Ana Alcaide... celebrates Mother Earth in suitably meditative manner".
The Australian, AUSTRALIA

"Raising the world music bar to a new level"
The Ascentor, RUSSIA

"Ana Alcaide creó una burbuja de sonido moderno, global y exótico... Expansiva, arriesgada e internacional"
El Correo, SPAIN

"Exquisite planning and playing"
World Music Central, USA

"Une fabuleuse alchimie, au terme d’un voyage à travers le temps"
La Biblie Urbaine, CANADA

"A modern image of the magic world, avoiding the classical 'fairy tale' look".
Monolith Cocktail, UK

"Musically and vocally speaking, it's perfect but, we expected no less of Ana Alcaide"
Le Magazine Son-et-Image, CANADA

"Con una rítmica completamente actual y una sonoridad global bellísima y atemporal"
El Mundo, SPAIN

"Meets the goals she sets for herself with exquisite planning and playing"
World Music Central, USA

"Great evocative and varied arrangements, stunning enviroments"
Le Canard Folk, BELGIUM


The music career of Ana Alcaide started while pursuing her degree in biology. Ana travelled to Sweden in 2.000 where she discovered the nyckelharpa, a traditional Swedish instrument that dates back to the Middle Ages. She fell in love with the instrument and taught herself how to play it on the streets of Toledo, far from its traditional setting. In 2005 she returned to Sweden to further pursue her music studies and to specialize in this Swedish folk instrument. During this time she was also influenced by other musical traditions and began studying other instruments and voice. She graduated from Malmö Academy of Music as Bachelor in Performing Arts.

As a result of her deep connection and experimentation with the instrument, Ana published in 2006 “Viola de Teclas“, her debut album. Her second album,”Como la luna y el sol”, was the result of the final degree project she completed while at the Malmö Academy of Music. This album offers listeners Ana’s unique vision of traditional Sephardic music.

Rooted in ancient traditions yet resolutely modern, her compositions deftly blend musical styles from different cultures. From the inspirational backdrop of the city of Toledo, Ana writes and produces her songs, creates new arrangements and adapts her instrument to ancient melodies that originated in medieval Spain and have travelled throughout the Mediterranean region.



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