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Line up

  • Ganzorig Davaakhuu (Mongolia) (Yochin (Hammered Dulcimer) Kargyraa (Undertone si)
  • Naraa Naranbaatar (Mongolia) (Ikh Khuur (Doublebass) Kargyraa (Undertone singin)
  • Nasaa Nasanjargal (Mongolia) (Morin Khuur (Horsehead Violin) Kargyraa (Underton)
  • Omid Bahadori (Iran) (Guitar Percussion Kargyraa (Undertone singing) )


Sedaa means "voice" in Persian and connects traditional Mongolian music with the Orient which makes an extraordinary and fascinating sound. Master singer Nasaa Nasanjargal and Naraa Naranbaatar who studied in their Mongolian homeland, abduct you together with the virtuosic Dulcimer player Ganzorig Davaakhuu and the Iranian Multi- instrumentalist Omid Bahadori into one genuinely exotic world between Orient and Mongolian steppe.

Concert References:

Canada - Alianait Festival
China - Asian Arts Festival
Columbia - Festival de Musica Sacra
Usbekistan - Samarkand International Music Festival
Germany - Rudolstadt - TTF Festival
Netherlands - Amsterdam - Vrije geluiden TV show
Poland - Gdansk - International Mozart Festival
Finland - Haapavesi Folkfestival
Ukraine - Odesa - Arte pole Festival
Italia - Artisti in Piazza
Czeck Republic - Litomericky koren festival
Mongolia - Tengeri Tamgatai Mongol Festival
Spain - FEX Festival of Granada -

Usbekistan - Samarkand Festival "Sharq Taronalari" Award of Minister of Culture 2015
Germany - Winner of Bundeswettbewerbs "Creole" in Rudolstadt 2014/15
Germany - Winner of Musikwettbewerbs "Creole Nord" 2013/14
Columbia - Festival Música Sacra de Bogotá - Best performer 2014
Germany - Oberschwäbische Kleinkunstpreis "Kupferle" 2012