"Apricot Tree" - Apricot Tree

Apricot Tree
Apricot Tree

The idea of appearing of this CD is to represent Armenian music performed in the way which is close to traditional or natural way of playing this ancient instrumental pieces and songs. The project was created in Moscow at the end of 2002, this CD is the first in it’s history.
Ancient tunes are performing here on duduk (traditional wind instrument), kemancha (4-string violin), percussion, also you can find two vocal pieces. The elements of classical and folk traditions of playing presented by well-known musicians, representatives of different schools of performing.
Apricot Tree is also the modernistic project, existing in our reality. Electronic sounds are taking here the same part as singing of birds, wind-blowing and other nature sounds, which could surround musicians of the past, for example in highlands.
The music of Apricot Tree is like a memory of a lost beauty, an attempt to catch the half-forgotten sounds through the screen of daily occurance and interference.