"Erdine" - Tandalai



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  • artist:Tandalai
  • featured artist:Tandalai
  • region:Siberia
  • release year:2007
  • style(s):Throatsinging, Traditional
  • country:Russian Federation
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Sketis Music
  • label:Sketis Music
  • publisher:Sketis Music
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Ethno, Altay - Woman throat singing and folk melodies from Altay

Tandalai - is the unique singer from Ust-Kanskogo area of Altai republic with a voice of surprising force and beauty, a range in five octaves. In her
repertoir there are ceremonial songs of Mountain Altay people, along with imitation of sounds of the animals and birds. She also plays on the big
range of tuvian national instruments: topshuur, khomus, igil, doshpuluur, shoor.