Skład Niearchaiczny

Line up

  • Marta Matuszna-Wejchenig (violin, vocals)
  • Przemysław Ficek (bagpipes, flutes)
  • Rafał Bałaś (double bass, vocals)
  • Stanisław Bafia (viola)

Skład Niearchaiczny brings out the essence of native music of the Beskids by reaching to its deeply rooted potential and inspirations. It is an attempt to present the music of the local masters anew and with a fresh sound to it. The band draws from archaic music of the Żywiec Beskids which used to be performed in archaic squad - with bagpipes and violins only.
The non-archaic approach does not only mean more instruments. Far more important is the notion of presenting the music of the highlanders as very much alive and open to mindful enrichment.



  • Skład Niearchaiczny

    type:WOMEX 17 Special Focus: Kato Connections

Skład Niearchaiczny


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