Live) Small Island Big Song Cinematic Concert at World Stage Design 2017

SIBS cinematic concert at World Stage Design in Taipei
SIBS presentation about the Austronesian heritage by producers Tim Cole and BaoBao Chen
SIBS featuring Charles Maimarosia with Alena Murang, Yoyo Tuki and Piteyo Ukah live. Vanuatu women's water music on screen.
SIBS featuring Yoyo Tuki live.
SIBS featuring Alena Murang live.
SIBS featuring Piteyo Ukah and Taroko dancers live.
SIBS featuring Charles Maimarosia live with Rajery, Airileke, Yumi Yet bambii band, Kuana Torres Kahele and Ben Hakalitz on screen.
The encore song grew into a 20 minutes jam contributing by the audience.
SIBS presentation by producers Tim Cole and BaoBao Chen


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Small Island Big Song is an ambitious world music / film project with the vision of creating a songline uniting the Indian and Pacific Oceans, sung by the traditional custodians, filmed on their land, celebrating ancient continuing cultures in stunning landscapes. From Taiwan to Aotearoa (New Zealand), Madagascar to Rapa Nui (Easter Island). These island communities share the common seafaring heritage, SIBS seeks to create a platform to explore shared culture and common concerns.

In a premiere (work in progress) presentation in July 2017, Small Island Big Song brought together four extraordinary artists from the region, Yoyo Tuki from Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Alena Murang from Borneo Malaysia, Charles Maimarosia from Solomon Islands and Piteyo Ukah from Taiwan. We shared the projects first outcomes, in song, cinema and live performance at the World Stage Design in Taipei.

Small Island Big Song's producers Tim Cole and BaoBao Chen will be attending WOMEX 17. Say 'Hi' first to /

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