"Saban Bajramovic - A Gypsy Legend" - MOSTAR SEVDAH REUNION

Mostar Sevdah Reunion


Sadan Bajramovic is definitely an old-school gypsy singer, with several decades of experience behind him. Gypsy Legend music CDs But don't confuse age with taking it easy. Gypsy Legend songs His voice might not have the sharp edge it once did, but the energy is quite apparent, and there's no lack of commitment to the music, especially as he's backed by one of the best gypsy groups around on this set of mostly well-known gypsy songs. Gypsy Legend album His version of "Djelem" is nothing short of stunning, but an emotional spin on an old favorite. Gypsy Legend CD music But it's just one among many jewels here, with everything electrifying, and the backing, mixing Rom music with some jazz, is every bit as effective as the singing. Gypsy Legend music CDs But it's the final cut, "Pitao Sam Malog Puza," which is the real killer, with Bajramovic letting loose some fearsome howls and singing as if his life depended on it. Female gypsy singers have received a fair amount of notice in the past. If you want to hear one of the male greats, this is the place.