Mostar Sevdah Reunion
Mostar Sevdah Reunion- "Tales From A Forgotten City"
Mostar Sevdah Reunion and Sreta
Mostar Sevdah Reunion
Mostar Sevdah Reunion
Mostar Sevdah Reunion - Old TOwn Mostar


Mostar Sevdah Reunion - Cafe Sevdah
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Mostar Sevdah Reunion - LIVE
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  • country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • region:Balkan
  • style(s):Balkan, Sevdah
  • label:Snail Records
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Snail Records

Line up

  • Antonija Batinic (vocal)
  • Gabrijel Prusina (piano)
  • Ivan Radoja (violin)
  • Marko Jakovljevic (bass)
  • Miso Petrovic (lead guitar)
  • Sandi Durakovic (rhythm guitar)
  • Senad Trnovac (drums)



Mostar Sevdah Reunion is an exquisite group of artists sharing the same passion. Some might say that they live for Sevdah and that could be the only cause of their existence. To decode and to represent this over 400 year old traditional music from Bosnia and Herzegovina is a difficult task to cope with. Despite all obstacles, MSR kept going.
The story begins in 1993 when Dragi Šestić, producer and former of the band, recorded an audiocassette with a couple of tracks that was distributed in limited edition among their friends. Those were the times of war in the Balkans and the reason for recording was just a getaway episode to forget for one single moment all the atrocities and suffering. Then, they gave the promise that “the whole world will know about Sevdah” – one day when war would come to an end. They fulfilled the promise and recorded their first album Mostar Sevdah Reunion in 1998. Since that day they have been fascinating their audiences wherever they go.
Diversity in musical backgrounds and individual virtuosity in a collective that never performed two identical gigs in a row make them unique on the World Music scene. Working and recording with Saban Bajramović ✝︎ A Gypsy Legend, Ljiljana Buttler ✝︎ The Mother of Gypsy Soul, Esma Redzepova The Queen of Gypsies, Boban Marković , Naat Veliov and Amira Medunjanin, they intend to show the variety of Balkan music and to give due respect to the finest and uncompromised authors of genuine Gypsy music.

The style of the band has changed since its early days, along with many of its members. Guitar and piano have joined violin and accordion as lead instruments, while a younger generation of singers has taken over as vocalists, but the music remains fluid, thoughtful, and an effective reminder that there is more to Balkan music than the high-octane brass bands and drunken stomping of popular imagination.

After their acclaimed 2013 concept album Tales From a Forgotten City, entirely dedicated to beautiful and troubled Mostar and her poets and singers, they now come back with something different, in line with the tradition of discovering and presenting forgotten and new talent. The Balkan Autumn (2018) features one of the best kept musical secrets of the region: Milutin Sretenovic “Sreta” is an incredible 70 years old crooner from Serbia who mixes Sinatra-like jazzy vocals with Spanish flamenco and Oriental maqams. Another new voice at Sreta’s side is 27 year old Antonija Batinić, the latest star of Sevdah music whose vocal abilities seem to be without limits.
After Sreta's death in summer 2021 young Antonija became a main vocal of the band.

The latest album “Lady Sings The Balkan Blues” which was released at the end of 2022 in 2023 came on all most important Wolrd Music Charts lists on the No1.position including the British Songlines who labelled this album as the TOP OF THE WORLD.

World Music Charts Europe had in February 2023 album at No.1 position and Transglobal World Music Charts put in the March 2023 at No.1. position and in September it was chosen as the Best European World Music album for the season 2022-23

It promises an exciting mix of experience and youth, energy and virtuosity. Antonija’s vocal is best described by Irish journalist Davy Sims: ““Antonija Batinić has a powerful voice and compelling stage presence. She has long been a member of Mostar Sevdah Reunion Now she fronts MSR on Lady Sings the Balkan Blues. And quite right, too.” Davy Sims presenter Around the World (“






"Live in Sarajevo" - MOSTAR SEVDAH REUNION