Son Mujeres Orquesta

SON MUJERES ORCHESTRA presents a show that includes dance, theater and music, starting from the origins of salsa to its consolidation as a genre.

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In the year 2018 the orchestra SON MUJERES became known to the audience of the city of Cali, with a music and artistic show that reunited 19 women in a stage through dance, music and theater.

“La Salsa en Cuerpo de Mujer” is the name of their musical and scenic route, that tells the history of salsa, from its origins in Africa and its drums, its arrival to the Antillanas and its migration to the city of New York in the 70’s, with the rhythms, compositions and performers that in their own time made their tour around Latin America.

The group was born in the Academy by Monica Castro’s initiative. She is the founder and a former member of one of the most emblematic Orchestras of the 90’s, SON DE AZÚCAR. Nowadays she is Percussion professor and the director of several academic programs in the school of Music at La Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia. She has an extensive national and international musical trajectory.

After the presentation to Cali’s public in the Teatro Municipal Enrique Buenaventura, the agrupation has been present in different massive events of this city, like the traditional Feria de Cali (2018-2019), El Festival Mundial de la Salsa (2019), and even in the Fiesta Fin de Año del Canal Caracol (2019) in Barranquilla. These are iconic stages for salsa music, that reunite the local and national scene.

Each and everyone of their members counts with a musical and dancing formation, with the choreographic dexterity that the repertoire demands and a rich sonority that connects the salsa lovers and the good music experts.

Each of the presentations has a different format that really makes a difference between their mis en scene and the instruments that compose each of the shows. These formats are:

Format 1: The orchestra is composed by 13 musicians between the harmony (Vibraphone, Piano, Bass y Keyboard) percussion; Bongo, Timbal (drums) and Congas, with the three trombones and the three vocalists.

Format 2: Two professional dancers are added to the Base Orchestra, for total of 15 artists on stage.

Format 3: Three Violins and one Viola are added to the second format, for the total of 19 artist in the stage.

A music and dancing journey that offers an unforgettable experience that the joyful audience and the good music lovers claim.


participating in

  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo


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