Sonia M'Barek

Sonia M'barek

Sonia M'barek was born in 1969 in Sfax, Tunisia.

She produced for the first time to public by the age of 9 years, but it is by...

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Sonia M'barek

Sonia M'barek was born in 1969 in Sfax, Tunisia.

She produced for the first time to public by the age of 9 years, but it is by the age of twelve years that she is been revealed to the large TV public.

From (1977-1986) She attended the national conservatory of music in Tunis, graduating with a diploma of Arabic music.

Since then she sang for some musicals theater ("Asker Ellil", "Eté 61", "Taht Essour", "Didon"), films sound tracks (“the dance of fire”, “Abulkacem Echebbi”).

In 1992, she published her first album solo" Freedom"

She has worked successfully with the Tunisians lute players Ali Sriti and Anouar Brahem with whom she presented more of thirty concerts of classical Arabian music "Tarab" (1993-1994) giving place to the edition of CD "Tarab”.

At 1997, she published his second solo album "Tawchih"

At 1999, edition of the album "Takht" distributed over all the Europe, United States, and in Japan with the German label World Network.

1997-2002, Animation of several conferences and workshops of singing on the Arabic music: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Egypt, Tunisia.

Sonia M'barek adopts a process of aperture to various styles and expressions, not only in exploring the Arabic musical space but also, in trying various occidental and Mediterranean repertories.


Tunisia: 1987, Festival of Tunisian song: Artist of the year

1987, Festival of Tunisian song: price of the Best song with the Tunisian songwriter Rachid Yeddes (Khali [el hozn baîd alik]).

1994 & 2002, Insignias of the national command of cultural merit

1995, Didon of the feminine excellency

1997, homage from the festival of the Arabic creative women

France: 2000, golden Diapason for the CD" Takht"

2001, awards a medal of the city of Clermont Ferrand

Jordan: 2002 Festival of Arab song, price of the best interpretation

Certificates and Letters of appreciation from the following countries: Tunisia, Egypt, USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Morocco, Canada.



International Festival of Carthage:, Concert" Voice of the freedom" (1991), Operetta" Taht [essour]" (1992), Concert Tribute to Mohamed Abdelwaheb with some other Arabian performers (1992), Operetta "Didon" (1995), Concert "Koltou Man Tha" with Nacir Shamma (1997),

International festival of Hammamet: Concert "Music with no frontiers" (1990), Concert "Narrations of Tunisians poems" with the participation of the Tunisian symphonic orchestra (2000), Concert " Mediterraneans songs" (2001)

Several concerts and involvements to festivals: Gabes, Sfax, Monastir, Kairouan, Sousse, Testour.

U.S.A New York Seat of the United Nations- Auditorium Dag Hammarsjöld (2000)

Washington - Kennedy Center (2000)

France Competition of the Francovision (Paris) (1991)

Seat of The UNESCO in Paris (1995)

Museum of the Augustins in Toulouse (1995)

Cartier foundation in Paris (1995)

International France radio (RFI) - studio 104 (1997)

"Café de la danse" à Paris (1999)

Suds à Arles Festival (2000)

Clermont Ferrand -Théâtre Wakan (2001)

Spain Festival of the Mediterranean song Palm de Majorque (1989)

Festival of Sierra Majina- Jaën (2001)

Egypt House of the opera of Cairo (1994 & 1997)

Festival "Jadal"- Theater of the republic - Cairo (2001)

Germany Radio of Cologne "WDR"- Room Klaus Von Bismark (1998)

House of the cultures of world- Berlin (2000)

Canada National Center of arts- Ottawa (2001)

Morocco International Festival of Rabat- Mohamed V Theater (2000)

Belgium Tunisian Youth Musical - Brussels (1982)

Festival voice of women - Brussels (2000)

Sweden Södra Teatern- Stockholm (2001)

Greece Festival of Mediterranean classical music - Athens

Athens Concert Hall- theater of Epidaure (2001)

Italy Festival of the Mediterranean feminine voices - Djebelina

Festival of the city of Catania

Syria Festival of the friendship and of the peace- Lattaquié (1992)

Jordan Royal cultural center Amman (2002)

Al Hussein cultural center – Amman (2002)

Swiss Academy of Music of Bâle (2001)


1992, album" Liberty"

1997, album "TAWCHIH."

1999, album "Takht," distributed on all the Europe, in United States, and in Japan.


Diploma of Arabian Music (1986)

Master in Right (1995)

Diploma of third cycle in political sciences (1999).

Thesis of doctorate in political sciences (in progress)



participating in

  • WOMEX 2000


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"Liberté" - Sonia M'barek

"Tawchih" - Peter Brandy